Build Web Apps in 90% Less Time

Full-Scale, Full-Featured Web Apps in a Fraction of the Time, With Zero Lock-In.

Effortlessly go From Design to Web App

Unleash full-scale, full-featured web applications directly from the design phase using only HTML and CSS. Our HTML5 API is as potent as any JavaScript API, enabling the rapid deployment of distributed, on the edge, offline-first, mobile installable web apps, eliminating the need for software engineers. With AI Integration, effortlessly generate design elements with CoCreate attributes. It offers both designers and non-designers an efficient way to generate dynamic web elements.

Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Tiered Pricing

Discover simplicity and efficiency with our single-plan, tiered bandwidth pricing model. As your usage increases, the cost per unit decreases, offering you better rates at higher volumes.

Bandwidth Range (GB) Rate ($)
0 - 1 10
2 - 10 5
11 - 100 2.5
101 - 1000 1.125
1001 - 10000 0.562
10001 - 100000 0.281
100001 - 1000000 0.145

Own Your Data and Designs, Zero Lock-In

With CoCreate, you're in full control of your data and designs. Your data where you want it, and how you want it structured. Remove CoCreate attributes anytime to repurpose your design and database for custom software, utilizing your original CoCreate design as an interactive fully functional blueprint. Alternatively, you can continue to use CoCreate for production, maintaining the lowest possible overhead.

Pivot, Add Features, without Costly Rewrites

In the ever-evolving world of software, CoCreate empowers you to adapt seamlessly. Say goodbye to expensive rewrites and time-consuming overhauls. When changes are needed, simply update your design, add a few attributes, and your pivot or new feature is complete. CoCreate enables you to keep your web app agile and responsive to evolving needs without the headache of major software overhauls. It's the smart choice for staying ahead in a fast-paced digital landscape.

Seamless Mobile API Integration and PWA Support

Easily configure and access mobile APIs directly through the power of HTML5 attributes. Our platform enables web apps to seamlessly utilize push notifications, contacts, and geolocation, all by applying the necessary attributes. Plus, with CoCreate, you can easily transform your web app into a Progressive Web App (PWA) for enhanced accessibility. Users can add it to their home screen for quick and convenient access, just like a native app. If you're unsure of the process, simply ask the AI for guidance on applying the necessary attributes.

Make it Collaborative, Display Editing Users Cursors

Unlock the potential of collaborative web applications with real-time user cursors, apply a few attributes to transform your web application into a collaborative platform. Empower your end users to engage and co-edit content in real-time, revolutionizing their interactive experience.

Empower Your Web App with AI Capabilities

AI is just a few HTML5 attributes away. Transform your applications and empower end users with smart AI enhancements. Whether it's predictive suggestions, automation, or personalization, it's all within reach. CoCreate makes AI accessible and user-friendly, no complex coding required. Elevate your end user's experience.

Access a Vast HTML Ecosystem

CoCreateJS opens the door to a vast and diverse ecosystem of HTML templates, designs, and components. Explore a world of pre-existing resources that can seamlessly enhance your web projects. With CoCreateJS, you can effortlessly integrate these elements, streamlining your development process.

Works with Any Framework

CoCreateJS's unique approach of working with HTML using the HTML5 attribute API enables seamless integration with any frontend framework. Whether you're using popular frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js, or you have your own custom frontend solution, CoCreateJS can adapt and enhance your development experience. Explore the possibilities of combining the flexibility of CoCreateJS with your preferred frontend framework to create outstanding web applications in record time.

Dual API - HTML5 and JavaScript

CoCreate offers a Dual API, with HTML5 for designers and JavaScript for seasoned developers. Both APIs are equally powerful and can be used together or interchangeably based on your skills, experience, and preferences. If you're not a designer or a developer, the AI has you covered.

Join the CoCreate Revolution

Be part of the CoCreate revolution in web development. From rapid design to powerful AI assistance, we offer the tools to redefine your web app creation process. Experience the freedom to pivot and adapt without costly rewrites. Seamlessly integrate mobile APIs and embrace Progressive Web Apps with ease. Collaborative editing and dual API options are at your fingertips. Unlock the future of web development with CoCreate.