A dependancy free, vanilla javascript Realtime CRUD and Collaboration Framework. Easily integrates in any HTML template using HTML5 attributtes. Converts a regular html website into a dynamic Realtime application. If you know basic html you can easily implement and use the CoCreateJS library/framework. If you have javascript knowledege, CoCreateJS is highly extensible Object oriented collaboration framework.

Micro Archeticture

Vanilla javascript, lightweight, single purpose micro components, lazy loaded as required. Easily modify, remove and/or replace components. Highly configuarable using HTML5 attributes. HTML5 developers can use a combination of attributes to create a dynamic web application. Javascript developers have access to API, callbacks and events.

Getting Started

Simply add the cdn script in your HTML files and apply CoCreate attributes to create a dynamic experience.

	<script src=""></script>

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Introduction to CoCreateJS