A dependancy free, vanilla javascript Realtime CRUD and Collaboration Framework. Easily integrates in any HTML template using HTML5 attributtes. Converts a regular html website into a dynamic Realtime application. If you know basic html you can easily implement and use the CoCreateJS library/framework. If you have javascript knowledege, CoCreateJS is highly extendable Object oriented collaboration framework.


A dependancy free, CSS and vanilla javascript library. Containing a set of easy to use natural language atomic classes, and a wide range of components to assist in developing modern UI/UX. Litte to no learning curve, CoCreateCSS uses the same properties and values you are already familiar with.

Micro Service Archeticture

Vanilla javascript, lightweight, single purpose micro components. Easily modify, remove and/or replace components. Highly configuarable using HTML5 attributes. HTML5 developers can use a combination of attributes to create a dynamic web application. Javascript developers have access to API, callbacks and events.

Getting Started

Go to and signup to retrieve your organization_id and api key. Paste it at the end before the ending body tag of any page where you would like to fetch and save data in real time.

	  var CoCreateConfig = {
   	  apiKey: 'your apiKey',
	  organization_id: 'your organization_id'

    <script src=""></script>

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Introduction to CoCreateJS