A headless vinilla javascript micro component. Easy configuration using HTML5 attributes or Javscript api.


This is xxxxx usage

<div class="avatar-wrapper">
    <a class="avatar round">
        <span name="name" class="avatar-name">B</span>
        <span name="profile_image" class="avatar-image">
            <img src="images/Velazquez.jpg" onerror="'none'"/>
    <div class="avatar-status on"></div>
    <div class="avatar-label">3</div>

This is xxxxx usage

This is xxxxx usage


  • avatar-wrapper

    Wrapper div of avatar

  • avatar

    Tag for avatar

  • round

    In same tag as avatar and makes avatar rounded.

  • avatar-image

    Inner tag of avatar tag and it sets avatar image.

  • avatar-status on(off)

    This is for the status of avatar.

  • avatar-label

    This is for the label of avatar.